Elvira Mistress of the Dark

Now you can be the sexy Elvira with these officially licensed Elvira costumes!

These costumes will help you look your best and of course how could you not with these form fitting costumes. One look at you in this Elvira costume and everyone will know exactly who you are suppose to be. We have many choices for you to choose from. Choose the low cut dress that exposes, lets say more of your assets or you can choose the more conservative Elvira outfit that doesn’t show as much chest. You can even choose from a variety of different Elvira wigs. Because you know you need that beehive look!

Yes, this buxom bombshell dressed in black always had something witty to say to her viewers while she was hosting her famous hit TV show. She has since become known as the unofficial spokeswoman for Halloween. Of course she isn’t just for women, oh no… we even have an Elvira dress and outfit for men. Who says ladies get to have all the fun.